Origins, here we come!

We’ll be heading out to Ohio starting tomorrow (a two day drive) to screen the film some more, promote the new game, and sell DVDs. We’ll update the site with pictures from the trip as we go. Über Goober will play at 7pm on Thursday June 25th, 7pm on Friday June 26th, 7pm on Saturday June 27th, and 2pm on Sunday June 28th. We’ll have a booth there selling autographed copies.

Über Goober Games at Origins 2009


We will be setting up a booth at this year’s Origins convention (booth 734 for those taking note)! If you’re there, stop by and say unnnnnnngh. We’ll be selling copies of the game as well as copies of the award-winning film “Über Goober.” The filmmaker, Steve Metze, will be on hand to chat, autograph copies of the films, and even play a round or two of Undead States of America. We look forward to seeing you there!