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Steampunk RPG Review by The Gaming Gang

http://thegaminggang.com/2011/11/a-review-of-steampunk-the-rpg-from-uber-goober-games/ There is no denying that Steampunk is cool. Steampunk is a sub-genre of science fiction and fantasy, in which the world has evolved in a much different way. Much of the historical Steampunk literature takes place during the Victorian era of Britain, or the wild west of the USA. Advances in mechanical engineering gave […]

“Über RPG: Steampunk” Wins Best New RPG

The Gaming Genius Winners of 2011 have been announced, and we’re proud to say that “Über RPG: Steampunk” has won the Golden Pawn for Best New Roleplaying System! These awards are given to “recognize genius, excellence, and achievement” in various gaming categories, and they are divided into Pro Awards and Fan Awards. Pro Awards go […]